Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boston Pizza Pie in the eye, Part 1

If you head on down to your local Boston Pizza at lunch, grab a seat in their comfortable restaurant, and open a menu you might say to yourself... "Hmm, I feel like a pizza, I may just eat one, I am at Boston Freakin' Pizza after all!" When you say this the last thing that may come to mind is that that pizza could cost you more than you expect...
I don't mean that the pizza has some strange disease or comes with teen pregnancy, that would be awkward and illegal I think... No, it can literally cost you well more than you would expect a pizza of that size to cost. Here's my dilemma... Check out the Menu. If you get one of their "Gourmet" pizzas(which means dry and lacking character) it's $16.79 and it's only 10" inches. Sure they serve it on a real plate at a real wood table with an actual waitperson taking your order but come on, you gotta tip the waitperson anyway. To do a comparison check out the other guys. Pizza Pizza, Domino's, Papa John's, there's a trend developing here. Pizza pizza sells a medium for $8.49 and has a $5.00 lunch special on that same pizza, and their medium is 12" not 10". Basically you can pay nearly three times the industry average for that medium just to eat lunch at Boston Pizza! At least they charge me $2.79 for a fountain drink, I wonder if refills are free? That doesn't make sense, so... 
I sent my research to the people with the answers to do a little cost analysis, maybe they use a fancy flour milled by hand by artisans who work with alabaster in their spare time or perhaps their pepperoni isn't rough ground pork and beef it's wild impala meat farmed in a totally humane and respectful way. Whatever the case, the customer service e-mail at BP will certain give me the right answers. Oddly however, my query is not among the FAQ's on their web site, how strange...

FAQ: Why the hell are your pizza's so expensive? 


Here's what I wrote: 


I visited your Waterloo location with a few colleagues of mine for lunch earlier this summer and we all shared a concern over a glaring pricing issue on your menu. One of my colleagues is a little obsessed with pizza and oddly had never eaten pizza at a BP location. We all ordered our own medium size original pizza and had a hard time stomaching the bill for dessert. With a non-alcoholic drink before tax or tip it came to $19.58 each... That makes for an expensive lunch considering at say Pizza Pizza, you can enjoy a larger medium pizza starting at $5.00 with a $1.00 drink. I do like to compare apples to apples and I can see that there are some inequalities in the comparison I'm making but your apples are easily three times more expensive after a tip than your competitions. Why are your pizza's so very expensive? Even the least expensive version of the medium is more than double the price of your competition and smaller than the standard 12" medium available nearly everywhere else. Please lower your prices to save face and customer base. 

I've been promised a response within 2 business day!