Wednesday, February 13, 2013


One year and twenty three days since my last post... Dear god (Lower Case), I've been terrified of this thing, this blog thing, this bear your soul and cringe at the very sight of your own words thing... Forget hindsight, take a good look in the rear view mirror and I'm pretty sure you won't like everything you see.

Several lessons learned from BLOG 1.0:

Being personal, is personal, too personal... A voice inside my head suggest that nobody should ever read what I write, and that when I do write I should say nothing personal about myself. Recipes bear your foods soul, dining experiences similarly express your culinary palate and yet time leaves time for experience, growth, reflection and those moments when you look back and say "I could have done that better... I cook, dine, judge those things differently now; through a new set of more "mature" eyes.

I don't mind being heard but I almost wish it was forgotten or upgraded in short succession rather than being hung out on the internet to dry.

Thought for food...