Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trash your Microwave

Here's a challenge to all of you foodies out there, trash your microwaves!

Really, what do you use it for on a daily basis? If you enjoy cooking, kitchen gadgets, slicing, chopping up vegetables, and fresh local ingredients where would the microwave play into your daily cooking routine.

I decided about a month ago to relegate my microwave to the basement, I needed it's valuable real estate for my very heavy stand mixer. The front of the microwave was starting to discolour and it really was eye sore in the kitchen. We'd only really used the microwave a handful of times over the past few months and all of those times were to re-heat a leftover meal, which we could have done in a pan or in the oven very easily.

Why ditch the microwave? There are a handful of reasons that you could / should ditch your microwave. For starters, if you are like me it's one of the largest and least used appliances in the kitchen. Secondly, it eliminates the desire and ability to eat microwave dinners which are some of the most nutritionally void food items on the planet. It certainly removes the ability to microwave foods in plastic or BPA lined packages / containers which are not doing your health any favours. Lastly, there is a great deal of speculation about the effect of microwaves on your food; as with most grey area health studies the findings are not conclusive enough to make any drastic changes. Essentially it's surmised that a very large portion of the nutritional value of the food that you cook / reheat in a microwave is destroyed in the microwaving process rendering it nutrition-less, kind of a drag if you're thinking of reheating that beet and spinach quiche you made yesterday.

Anyway, food for thought... If you don't use it why cling to it?


Ps. Major producers to ditch BPA from packaging


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